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Bienvenue à l'Alliance Française de Hartford

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There is plenty of parking at our new location of 75 Charter Oak Ave (parking lot is off Wyllys St.), Building 1-Suite 202 Hartford, CT

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Le Yoga en français


Le yoga c’est une façon de vivre! Venez pour l’expérience au bureau de l’Alliance française, 75 Charter Oak, Hartford, CT à 3 heures de l’après-midi, le 14 janvier 2018. (En cas de neige, nous nous verrons le 21.)

D’abord notre copine Veronica va parler un peu sur l'histoire du yoga en général, les bénéfices pour le le corps, la conscience, et l'esprit! On va apprendre l'importance de la respiration et la pleine conscience (mindfulness).

Si vous voulez participer, nous allons nous installer sur les chaises pour apprendre quelques poses.

Après nous allons prendre de l’eau, du thé herbal, et quelques petits amuse-bouches.

Where: Alliance Française de Hartford Office, 75 Charter Oak Ave., Suite 1-202, (Corner of Wyllis Street), Hartford, CT

When: Sunday, January 14, 2018 at 3:00 P.M. (in case of snow, Sunday, January 21, 2018)

Le Yoga en français (Adobe PDF document, .pdf file)

Chantons avec Joe — la Musique Québécoise

Joyeux Noël film

Joe Laverriere and Ky Ouelette will warm us up with their music from Quebec on Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 3:00 P.M. at the Alliance Française de Hartford, 75 Charter Oak Ave., Hartford. (Snow date: February 11, 2018). There will be instrumentals and fun sing-alongs. Joe is French Canadian and has been going up to Quebec to play for many years. Mostly self-taught, his love for Canadian music has led him to join the Bristol Fiddlers, Rhode Island fiddlers, and a Quiet Corner group. Let’s have our own “Carnaval” in Hartford through “la musique québecoise!”.

Refreshments will follow.

Where: Alliance Française de Hartford Office, 75 Charter Oak Ave., Suite 1-202, (Corner of Wyllis Street), Hartford, CT

When: Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 3:00 P.M.

Chantons avec Joe! La Musique Québecoise. (Adobe PDF document, .pdf file)

Directions to our new location Alliance Française de Hartford is located at 75 Charter Oak Avenue, Suite 1-202, Hartford, CT 06106. Please use these directions instead of a GPS. The building is on the corner of Charter Oak Avenue, where Columbus Boulevard becomes Wyllys Street. If there are no parking spaces available in the front lot, either park on the street or continue down Wyllys to the second (small) or third (large) lot on the right. We are in building 1 on the second floor, and you may enter through the main doors or the side door (on the right). There are stairs in the main entrance, and to the right of the stairs the hallway leads to an elevator. On the second floor turn left and look for suite 202.  Map


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